Program Flyers

The course listings are subject to change and enrollment is subject to availability within each program. A student must be enrolled at the host
site school as an active student in order to register for 21st CCLC classes.

Programming Flyers are constantly being updated, especially at the beginning of as a new session approaches. 

Please contact your school's site coordinator for additional information.
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SchoolSession Flyer
SchoolSession Flyer
Bakersville Session 3 Flyer (2018-2019) 
Beech Session 3 Flyer (2018-2019) 
Gossler Park Session 3 Flyer (2018-2019) 
Hallsville Session 3 Flyer (2018-2019) 
Hillside Session 3 Flyer (2018-2019) 
McDonough Session 2 Flyer (2018-2019) 
McLaughlin Session 3 Flyer (2018-2019) 
Northwest Session 3 Flyer (2018-2019) 
Parker-Varney Session 3 Flyer (2018-2019) 
Parkside Session 3 Flyer (2018-2019) 
Southside Session 3 Flyer (2018-2019) 
Wilson Session 3 Flyer (2018-2019) 
Showing 12 items