21st CCLC Sites

The following is a list of our 21st CCLC sites. Please click on the school of your choice to visit that site's 21st CCLC page. It will contain essential information and news specific to that site's program!


Site Coordinator

Phone Number


Bakersville Elementary School

Kristen Shimer

(603) 396-4865

Beech Street Elementary School

Norma Gonzalez

(603) 624-6314

Gossler Park Elementary School

Jessica Ireland

(603) 591-4357

Hallsville Elementary School

Shauri Gilot

(603) 624-6332 X 2111

Henry J. McLaughlin Middle School

Jacob Garland

(603) 591-3167

Henry Wilson Elementary School

Jamie Suarez

(603) 591-2666

Hillside Middle School

Liz Penn, Acting

(603) 624-6352 X 28

McDonough Elementary School

Alexa DiBenedetto

(603) 369-6801

Middle School at Parkside

Alexandrea Proulx

(603) 624-6356 X 39

Northwest Elementary School

Dan Concannon

(603) 591-4146

Parker Varney Elementary School

Sarah Niazi

(603) 624-6338 X 1123

Southside Middle School

Ann Marie Hetzel

(603) 624-6359 X 1023