Program FAQ

Updated for 2021-2022!

Q: What are the 21st Century Community Learning Centers?

The Manchester School District's 21st Century Community Learning Centers is an out of school time program that currently serves fourteen schools in Manchester, New Hampshire. We provide before and after school programming for Manchester students that is designed to boost academic performance, social emotional health and provide new experiences for students.

Q: What schools do the 21st Century Program serve?

The 21st Century Program serves ten elementary schools - Bakersville, Beech, Gossler Park, Jewett Street, McDonough, Northwest, Parker-Varney, Webster, Weston and Wilson, and all four middle schools - Hillside, McLaughlin, Parkside, and Southside.

Children must have completed at least one year of kindergarten to attend.

Q: What are your hours of operation?

The 21st Century program operates fifteen hours each week, including a morning and afternoon program. Please see your school site for specific times.

Q: Do you have a summer program?

Our summer program operates in conjunction with the Summer Learning Academy to provide students with academic support and exciting enrichment opportunities. Check our website in the spring for details!

Q: How do I enroll my student in the program?

1. Review session introduction and parent handbook. Forms will be distributed by your school and site coordinator.

2. Complete the registration form and return to your schools site coordinator.

3. Review registration confirmation from site coordinator.

Q: When is the registration form due and where do I submit?

The due dates for registration are posted on each school’s flyer. Registration forms may be submitted to the site coordinator or to the location indicated on the flyer. Note: Your registration form will be returned if it is not COMPLETELY filled out. This may delay registration and confirmation of registration.

Q: How will I know if my student’s registration is confirmed?

You will be notified as soon as possible if we are unable to accommodate/register your student, or if your student is placed on a wait-list.

Q: What types of programming are offered as part of the 21st Century Program?

All students enrolled in our afternoon program receive one hour of academic support time, including homework help and learning activities designed to assist them in their school day studies. During our second hour students participate in a wide variety of enrichment activities, including crafts, physical activities, games, STEAM and enrichment provided by some of our many partner organizations. Students also start the day with a snack provided by the USDA and Manchester Food Services. Students in our morning program will receive forty-five minutes of academic support.

Q: How much does the program cost?

Program fees are on a sliding scale based on student Free & Reduced Lunch Status (Free, Reduced, and Full Pay).

Full Pay Reduced Lunch Free Lunch

Morning $0.95/day $0.60/day $0.25/day

Afternoon $2.75/day $1.75/day $0.75/day

Multiple family member discount: 2nd and 3rd child is ½ off.

Students who are registered in the 21st Century Program will receive an invoice from their Site Coordinator with fees owed based on days attended. Site Coordinators will have access to the Free & Reduced Lunch data collected by the District Food Services Program. In the event that a parent/guardian is unable to pay a program fee, the Site Coordinator will contact that parent/guardian and complete a Program Fee Modification Form and submit it to the Program Director. The District Homeless Liaison may also submit requests on behalf of parents/guardians. Students will not be denied access to the 21st Century Program due to inability to pay program fees.

Q: What time should I pick up my student?

In order to gain the greatest benefit from our program, we strongly encourage all students to participate in the full afternoon program. In the event that is not possible, students may be picked up at 5:00 dismissal. Site Coordinators should be notified if picking up outside of those times.

Q: My student has a medical condition (disability, food allergy, etc.) that staff members need to know about. What should I do?

Please notify the site coordinator in advance of any medical condition related to your child.

Q: Who works for the 21st Century Program?

Our academic support activities are staff by certified Manchester School District teachers and paraprofessionals. We also employ enrichment staff and partner organizations to provide additional activities and programming for students. All staff must pass a background check through the Manchester School District.

Q: How can I work for the 21st Century Program?

All paid positions are posted on the Manchester School District website, as they become available. College students may also be eligible to work in our program in a work-study position. Please check with your college’s financial aid coordinator for more information.