2022-2023 School Year

Manchester's 21st Century Program will begin on Monday, September 19, 2022 for the 22-23 school year at most schools. We are excited to continue to offer this program in our fourteen schools. Our program is Federally funded to provide academic support and exploratory programming for at-risk students in Manchester schools.

What do students get at a 21st Century Program? Each school will work hard to ensure the program reflects the needs of the students attending. All locations do provide programming that meets the following descriptions. The 21st Century Program exists to provide students with the help and support they need to have a successful, rewarding elementary and middle school experience.

What about if my child attends the Morning Program? Students attending Morning Program will get a shorter version of our Academic Growth programming, including a focus on reading and cooperation.

Are the programs different at Middle School versus Elementary School? Our Middle School programs are calibrated to provide support to students that are appropriate for their grade level. Often there may be more time spent on homework help rather than special activities for literacy and mathematics.


Students participating in our programs each receive a healthy snack courtesy of the Manchester School Food and Nutrition Program. All students receive a milk of their choice, as well as a variety of other offerings, including fruits, whole grain crackers and other healthy items.

Academic Growth

The first hour of every program day includes small group (10-15) academic support, provided by Manchester certified teachers. Students in grades 3 to 8 participate in FEV Tutor. These activities are designed to help students in the areas of most need, including literacy and mathematics. Activities are fun, and often hands on or project based.

Our goal is to help students improve and thrive at school!

Exploration and Enrichment

Students end the day with Exploration and Recreation activities! This can include a variety of enrichments, including up to twenty minutes of free play, games, arts and crafts, STEM projects, cooking, creative writing, sports and recreation or even a visit from one of our amazing Partners!

Family Engagement Events

(Four times a year)

Four times a year each 21st Century site will host a special Family Engagement Event. These events will be designed with the needs of our families in mind. They will seek to help families of our students navigate everything from helping their children be safe online or on their bicycles, to understanding how to read progress reports and attend Parent-Teacher Conferences.


As our capacity is limited, we provide priority registration for high-needs students identified by their home school. We maintain a wait-list for students when our available capacity is met. Our registration fees are on a sliding scale based on student lunch status, and we have scholarships available to families in need.

Program Fees

Our program fees are established on a sliding scale based on student Free & Reduced Lunch Status (Free, Reduced, and Full Pay):

Full Pay Reduced Lunch Free Lunch

Morning $0.95/day $0.60/day $0.25/day

Afternoon $2.75/day $1.75/day $0.75/day

Multiple family member discount: 2nd and 3rd child is 1/2 off.

Students who are registered in the 21st Century Program will receive an invoice from their Site Coordinator with fees owed, as calculated based on that information. In the event that a parent/guardian is unable to pay a program fee, the Site Coordinator will contact that parent/guardian and complete a Program Fee Modification Form.